Overseas groups provide vital income for Kaira Konko and mean we can continue to invest in the community of Soma.

Those regularly staying at Kaira Konko include Scout groups, school groups, and groups of friends and family.

Whether you want to centre a group trip around community work in Soma,  or you are looking for somewhere for your group to stay as just part of your itinerary in The Gambia, Kaira Konko Lodge is the perfect base for you.

Group Accommodation:

The lodge can accommodate up to 30 people, and you will be looked after very well! For more information about the group accommodation available at Kaira Konko please click here.

Community projects:

There are many great opportunities for visiting groups to get involved in our community outreach work, with projects large and small that can be tailored to you.

Lamin Kinteh, one of the original four Scouts to visit the UK in 1992, manages Kaira Konko’s community outreach and is the main point of contact for groups wishing to undertake community work. He understands the needs of the local area, and he has the knowledge, contacts and technical expertise required to coordinate a wide variety of projects.

Planning your trip:

Our friends at Gambia Experience can help you with logistics in getting to and from The Gambia, and also with Accommodation in Banjul if you wish to spend some time there before travelling up country.

The team at Kaira Konko can help you plan your day to day activities, with advice and recommendations on transport options and what there is to do nearby.

At Kaira Konko we have lots of experience looking after groups and would be very happy to help you plan your trip. Kaira Konko Scout Active Support also has lots of experience taking groups and running expeditions and equally would be very happy to help. If you are thinking of taking a group to stay at Kaira Konko and have further questions please get in touch with us at info@kairakonko.com.

Scout expeditions:

With it’s foundation in Scouting, Kaira Konko is an ideal destination for an Explorer or Network Scout Expedition.

The Gambia is a peaceful country and English is the official language. It is 6 hour flight from the UK with good accessibility given the tourist industry on the coast, and there is no time difference.

Kaira Konko has hosted many Scouting expeditions, with groups fundraising for and then undertaking community projects in and around Soma, working in partnership with Gambian Scouts.

This type of expedition gives visiting Scouts the opportunity to experience the challenges of living in a developing country first-hand while encouraging independence, leadership skills and team working.

Previous Scout expeditions have completed projects including repairing homes that have been damaged in the rainy season, setting up libraries in schools, painting the Soma mosque, distributing mosquito nets, teaching in schools and setting up community gardens.

We can put you in touch with leaders who have taken groups to Kaira Konko if you have any questions or want to find out more, just email us at info@kairakonko.com.