Kaira Konko, or KK as it is affectionately known, is an amazing place that encompasses all that is best about Scouting; friendship, community and growing together.

Kaira Konko has a thriving Scout group with boys and girl of all ages meeting every Friday evening, visiting Scouts always receive a warm welcome. A campfire at KK is an experience not to be missed, with singing, drumming and dancing long into the night.

The Scouts aren’t just at KK on Fridays. It is their place, and they come every day to do their homework, play or just hang out with their friends. They look after the KK garden too, where they grow bananas, mangos, papaya, sweet potato, cassava and corn. The produce is used in the KK kitchen and they take the surplus home to their families.

Kaira Konko has a Scout band who make a small revenue performing at local events.

KK is a community hub, providing support for the Scouts and their families. We aim to offer every Scout a better education, a sense of belonging, and a brighter future.

Kaira Konko is not the only Scout group in the region, with groups at Jiroff where the 1989 expedition camped, and across the country. KK has good relationships with other groups and they take part in joint activities, camps and competitions. Together they are able to share skills and experiences and promote Scouting in The Gambia.

Since the Lodge & Scout Centre opened, hundreds of Scouts have stayed at Kaira Konko, from within The Gambia, from the U.K. and beyond. If you are interested in taking a Scout expedition to Kaira Konko you can find out more on our Groups page.